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By Patrick Muncie
August 08, 2014
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National Health Center Week is August 10th-16th, 2014

You May Wonder, What is a Health Center?

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) were established, in part, to provide accessible, continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive patient-centered care. 

As an FQHC, ResourceCare takes a proactive approach to ensure positive results for the most vulnerable, underserved and uninsured populations by providing primary care services and engaging in outreach, disease prevention, and patient education and self-care management activities in our communities.

FQHCs provide access to comprehensive primary health care services:

  • Family medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Dental
  • Laboratory
  • Behavioral/mental health


FQHCs are different from other health care providers; they offer:

  • Case Management   
  • Patient Education
  • Translation/Interpretation
  • Community Education


FQHCs are a great benefit to the communities they serve because they:

  • Improve public health
  • Provide needed services such as free immunizations for uninsured children
  • Reduce the burden on hospital emergency rooms
  • Act as a community voice for health care needs through the Board of Directors
  • Offer broader health insurance coverage, such as offering a sliding scale fee structure based on an individual’s or family’s income
  • Assist uninsured patients with enrollment in Medicaid, CHIP, and other assistance programs


We feel that Health Centers are an important part of the solution to our health care needs in this country.

We invite you and your family to allow us to be your partner in better health.